Thursday, May 12, 2016


Career: Neurosurgeon

Plan: I plan to build a website focused on my future career of a Neurosurgeon, to emphasize my passion and the help I want to be to this suffering society. This field has interest me from day one of my uncles diagnoses of Parkinson's disease .

Pages Layout:page 1: Home opening with pictures and small facts/ Introduction of my field of interest , opening personal information(picture of me) . (About us page)Page 2: Misconceptions/ factsPage 3: Process that the doctor could takePage 4: Contacts, Email Page

Page 1- Welcome, here at Mental Health Care Facility we are dedicated to get your or a loved one back on track to your normal daily lifestyle. We are open  Monday - Friday from 9 a.m - 6 p.m. Throughout your journey, you'll experience the life changing love and care we provide. By the end, bond will be made because this isn't just any ordinary mental health facility but, a home where you will receive the best mental help.

(About me)

Hello, my name is Valerie Camacho currently I'm in 11th grade pursuing a path to become a neurosurgeon. One day to another my heart whispered my path, not due to the money but, due to the opportunity I have to make a difference. With personal connects to many of these illnesses and diseases, I am dedicated to do more then what is required; because I know how it feels to be on the other side. At age 10, my uncle was enlisted out of the Air Force  due to a significant illness " Parkinson's disease" from there on, I knew that these illness needed to be handled with care, love and compassion. The research of new disease needs to go further from what they are today. From that day on, I have dedicated myself to go one step further because here at Mental Health Care you aren't just another patient but, another family member walking the path to recovery.
                                                  -Valerie Camacho

Page 2-Misconception-  Blood comes in different shades of red. Truth be told, the blood in our bodies isn’t blue but, in fact different shades of red; oxygen rich blood is bright red. Where as blood with less oxygen is dark red; which can be located in the bodies veins . The veins have little oxygen flow causing the supply to be less oxygenated, making the blood a dark red. Where as the arteries carry oxygen rich, concluding it's bright rich red color.

The population today believes that human kind can only access 10% of our brains. Truth be told, we are able use our entire brain.

Page 3 -

What is neurosurgery?

Neurosurgery or Neurological surgery is the procedure done to conditions like sickness and damage involving the nervous system and its support structures.  This may include many conditions dealing with the brain, the spinal cord, the actual nerves, the skull, spinal disks, the bones of the spine, as well as the blood vessels, ligaments and all protective coverings. Many procedures can be surgical but it mostly depends on the condition of the patient and what type of trauma the patient has endured.

What types of problems do Neurosurgeons treat?

  •  Tumors found in the brain , spinal cord, nerves, skull or the spine.
  • Spinal problems resulting in neck or back pain. Resulting in pinching nerves with numbing or weakening in the arms or legs.
  •  Neurovascular disorders that include strokes, blood clots affecting the brain or spinal cord.
  • Infections involving the brain and spinal cord, the fluid surrounding spinal vertebra and disks.
  • Traumatic injuries to the brain, spinal cord, bones of the spine, nerves and skull.

"About Neurosurgery." Columbia Neurosurgical Associates: South Carolina Neurosurgeons, Spine Surgery, Brain Surgery. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 May 2016. 

Self Reflection: My work has been fully well thought out with a goal and purpose. With heavy information given, like real world nueosurgeons sites. This gives an understanding of what needed and what can be provided given certain cercumstances; Leading my information to  be above and beyond. To make my projector unique, I will be taking fun pictures as well as serious to enhance the understanding of a brain. Which will be mastered by food and everyday items found around me. For my profession, I'm doing well with the information and layout of my website but, struggling on how to potray a proffesional site with pictures all taken by me. My initial images are convaing a brain but, not showing the proffional side of this project. To improve my images, I'm just visiting my local doctors office to show the location and enviroment of my future patients . My images will be showing simbolizim by many worldly objects. 

"Websites in the profession/ site link:

Dr. John A. Prall, MD

3 reviews · Doctor

7780 S Broadway # 350

(720) 638-7500 

Who are you trying to show your skills to?/ Target market: is every age group, this can include all ages

Peer Review: I like the artistic shape that the rocks create. The focus on the rocks was great But, you could have found something more interesting to take a picture of. -Ethan


Initial Photos:

Wasn't able to contact physician 

 Interim Images:

Final Images 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Black and white


Final Images:
Peer Review 
Whats going well?

I like how creative the back and white is . Its not the standard plain black an white photo. Its very clear and nice to look at its free of distractions. 

What can be improved ?

I think you could play with this image some more in photoshop but besides that i think the photos look great!

Black and white, with a bit of color. 

Summary:In my project I had adventured out to try new new objects. New objects that were part of my daily life or in my surroundings. The flowers are located around my house and some in my backyard. The monkeys were found in my room  and as I started experimenting with aperture, and angel the more I realized how much of a religious meaning where held behind these objects. The monkeys show the statement " Hear no evil , Speak no evil , See no evil"  A great interception of black and white literally and physically. My issues I came to close was a small glare in various images due to the reflecting shine of the monkeys. Creating a challenge for me to change positions/ angels to not get this glare. While completing my project I learned that my beliefs are more apart of my life and surroundings then  I thought; Which I love the thought. Next week I will be working on overlay.

Since I had time I photoshopped by background

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Micro Images

Initial Images:
1) whats going well?
The image is beautiful and  clear. i love the colors and the depth of the photo .i can't really tell what it is but none the less it's very pretty to look at.
2) what can be improved
The bright line running trough it is very distracting. If the line is not there it would be a great photo.
The clarity could be improved . that would make the image must better then the original image .



This weeks project was fun and messy. With the challenge of creating an experiment to enhance my colors and objects in colored water. I was able to be unique and creative and watch the colors dance in the water then slowly fade. Creating an amazing scene for my images. I learned that places hot hot in a small jar underneath a tub of water created a merge of colored water to be pushed out from the water. It was very difficult to see  that different temperatures of water made different reaction allowing a mess of colors . (MUCK) This taught me that just some aspects of life requires trial and error and with trial and error I fixed the problem by finding the right temperature water to play with; to create a great experiment. My concept of my images is simply organic and free spirited. Next week I will be working on a stop motion project and I'm very excited.